Solara Low-Profile Doors & Windows | An Innovator in the Field | Today’s Technology, Yesterday’s Craftsmanship  Solara was among the first companies of its kind in Dallas, manufacturing and selling high-end custom architectural lighting and doors to the finest home and commercial builders in the country. As designs have evolved, so have we. Though we remain rooted in tradition, we are innovators. Our low-profile steel doors and windows are an example of our innovative approach to design. We recognize that many of today’s builders and homeowners desire the understated sophistication of low-profile metal doors and windows. That’s why we launched a series of sleek, ultra-modern front doors and complementary windows. Like all of our doors, our low-profile doors are custom. We work directly with you to fit your project, no matter how wide or tall. Since 1995, Solara has made superior-quality metal doors in our private factory in Mexico. Every door we sell is made to exact specifications. Each job begins with state-of-the-art computer engineering and is finished by hand with the craft and care of traditional workmanship. Doors are then shipped to our headquarters in Texas before being delivered to you. Watch the video below to learn more about our business. Contact us for a free consultation on your building project.