Torch Lights - Dry Locations

Torch lights are the dramatic actors of the lighting world. Whether open or enclosed, old-world or contemporary, torches have a theatrical air and convey the idea of being able to lift the torch from the wall and walk purposefully into the night. Solara handcrafted iron torches are commonly used to light outdoor living spaces, retail or business storefronts, walkways and pool areas.  Solara offers dozens of styles of torches. Our torch lights for dry locations should be used only in areas that are protected from rain or snow, such as under a carport or along an semi-open hallway. For areas fully exposed to the elements, we offer a large range of torches with a UL Wet rating that are safe and functional in all weather conditions.  We have hundreds of outdoor lighting styles in a wide range of mounting options. In addition, we have breathtaking indoor lights for kitchens, living rooms, game rooms, and more, making Solara a one-stop shop for all your custom lighting needs.