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Q: What types of glass are offered for your lighting products?
A: We have six types of standard glass for electric iron and cast-bronze lighting.

- Antique: transparent glass with waves and ripples
- Clear: smooth, transparent glass
- Clear Frosted: smooth, translucent glass
- Flemish: transparent glass with waves and ripples
- Opalescent: a creamy white, smooth, translucent glass
- Seeded: transparent glass with waves and bubbles

Tempered glass is required for gas lighting. It comes in Flemish, Clear, or Clear Frosted.

Q: Is there a charge for tempered glass?
A: There is $200 premium charge if you want tempered glass in your doors.

Q: What types of glass are offered for your iron and steel doors?
A: The same glass options listed for lights are also available for doors.

Q: Do you have Low-E glass?
A: Yes. You may order Low-E glass in our doors and windows.

Q: How should I care for the glass on my door or lights?
A: All glass can be cleaned with Windex or a 50/50 vinegar and water solution whenever you notice it is dirty.

To see the available glass options for doors and lighting in person, visit our Dallas showroom or a Solara distributor.



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