Solara Door Hardware

Classic Door Handles

When you choose a classic iron door from Solara, you are choosing a front door built to last a lifetime. The same goes for our classic door pulls. Whether you select a door in the scrolled tradition made popular by ornamental iron, a decorative wine cellar door, or an iron door with clean lines, there is a handle to complete your look.

Modern Door Handles

As with our classic designs, Solara has modern door pulls that match its range of modern doors, as well as our low-profile architectural doors. These door handles have contemporary angles and curves that integrate perfectly with our steel door designs. All of our door hardware comes in the same finishes as our doors. Since 1995, Solara has made quality doors in our private manufacturing facility in Mexico. Every door we sell is made to order. The same goes for every door handle that completes it.

If our range of classic and modern door handles doesn’t suit your needs, ask about a custom design.



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