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Q: Are Solara iron lights expensive?
A: Solara is a leading manufacturer of custom architectural lighting. Each lantern, pendant, sconce, or chandelier is made to order by hand. Therefore, our lighting products are more expensive than off-the-shelf options. They are also more beautiful and more durable. That said, in almost all cases, if you have a certain budget, Solara will have a number of options for you.


Q: Do iron lights rust?
A: Iron rusts, yes. However, every Solara iron light undergoes electrophoresis, or e-coating, to protect it against rust. This multipart process involves a zinc phosphate bath and a baked-on electrostatic coating that provides a tough barrier against corrosive elements.


Q: Do your lights have a warranty?
A: Solar guarantees all of its iron and cast-bronze lighting against manufacturing defects for one year. We guarantee the finish and glass on our lighting for two years. Our warranty begins on our date of invoice. We will promptly replace or repair any items found to be defective. 


Q: Does Solara provide lighting installation?
A: Installation of our products requires a certified electrician for electric lights and a certified plumber for gas lights. Therefore, we do not install lights.


Still need help? See the extensive list of installation manuals, troubleshooting guides, and more below. Or visit a Solara distributor or contact us.


General Information

pdf Custom Request Form (Size: 1.9 MB)
pdf Door Design Order Form (Size: 56.4 KB)
pdf Door Prospect Form (Size: 84.3 KB)
pdf Lighting Prospect Form (Size: 56.4 KB)
pdf Lighting Warranty (Size: 228.8 KB)
pdf Spec Form For New Construction (Size: 90.2 KB)
pdf Spec Form For Remodeling (Size: 88.9 KB)
pdf Door Double Setup Options (Size: 103.3 KB)
pdf Door Single Setup Options (Size: 95.1 KB)


Lighting Maintenance & Installation


Troubleshooting & In Service Guides

pdf Changing Self Igniting Gas Kits (Size: 446.6 KB)
pdf Finish Care (Size: 85.3 KB)
pdf Manual Gas - Flame Adjustment (Size: 196.3 KB)


Mounting Templates

pdf Munich Post Mount Template (Size: 345.4 KB)
pdf Wall Mount 11x17 Template (Size: 58.7 KB)
pdf Wall Mount 8x11 Template (Size: 49.5 KB)


Lighting Family Specifications

pdf Arezzo Family Specification (Size: 2.1 MB)
pdf Driftwwod I (Size: 100.8 KB)


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