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You can always call us: 1-888-8SOLARA

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Q: Why should I choose a metal door over a wooden door?
A: Iron and steel doors are stronger than wooden doors, which means they are safer. What’s more, our decorative metal doors are more beautiful than any wooden door. When you choose a metal door from Solara you are choosing sophistication and safety for your home or commercial property.

Q: Are Solara metal doors expensive?

A: Solara is a leading manufacturer of custom metal doors. Each wrought-iron or steel door is made to order by hand. Therefore, our doors are more expensive than some other options. That said, in almost all cases, if you have a certain budget, Solara will have a number of options for you.

Q: Do your doors rust?

A: Iron rusts, yes. However, Solara doors have a number of coatings that protect them from the elements.

Q: Do your doors have a warranty?

A: Solar guarantees its iron doors and steel doors against manufacturing defects for two years. We guarantee the finish on our doors for one year and the glass for two. Our warranty begins on the date of installation. All warranties are null and void if installation is not done by Solara and is found to be faulty by us.

Q: Does Solara provide door installation?
A: Yes. In fact, we recommend that you have our technicians install your doors. We provide installation primarily in North Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana. Out-of-area exceptions can be made, however.

Still need help? See the extensive list of installation manuals, troubleshooting guides, and more below. Or visit a Solara distributor or contact us.