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 May 15, 2014

Dear Customer,


It is our sincere pleasure to introduce to you our Lighting and Ironwork Lines. Solara has become the leader in the gas lighting industry for both residential and commercial applications. We have also been well-recognized as a pioneer in the decorative iron realm manufacturing impressive main entry doors and railings. Although we are mainly known for our old world designs, Solara also offers modern and contemporary custom designs in gas & electric fixtures as well as doors.


Solara carries an array of standard sizes and mounting applications; we also offer customization to help create a magnificent main entrance and the perfect lighting ambiance to fit your style or particular needs. Our customizing capabilities also allow us to cater to the residential, hospitality industry and large commercial projects. Solara complies with all UL & UL Gas Fired & AGA certifications.  The concept of customization is carried over into our doors and railings with each customer having the ability to choose from any of our standard designs and selecting their size and shape or by creating a completely original design of their own. Solara is one of the few companies that are able to create an item fully from concept through prototype to production. We pride ourselves in our commitment to beauty and quality craftsmanship with highly skilled US & Mexican artisans who still forge, weld, paint, and decorate our product painstakingly by hand.


We thank you for your preference and we reassure you our total commitment to always strive to exceed your expectations. The attached sales terms and conditions apply only to our lighting line.  If interested in distributing our doors and ironworks please contact our sales manager.


Alberto D. Perez

President  & CEO


Sales Fax:            (214) 744-9910                                                          

Toll Free:      1-888-8SOLARA (1-888-876-5272)

Sales e-mail     sales@solara.tv


Customer Service & Shipping:

Ruth Garcia

(214) 744-9900 ext. 124         




Malena Gutierrez, National Sales Manager

(214) 744-9900 ext. 112



Technical Support & Receivables:

Rick Beckham 

(214) 744-9900 ext. 109

(214) 882-9074 cell



Account Payables/ Collection:

Rosiris Leonard

(214) 744-9900 ext. 106




New Accounts:


  1. To open an account, you have to be an established business and complete a Solara Distributor Application.
  2. Place an initial minimum order of $ 5,000.00 US dlls.
  3. Must be received with a 50 % deposit and full payment should be received prior to shipment.
  4. To maintain preferred distributor status, a yearly minimum purchase of $10,000.00/yr and a showroom display are required. 
  5. Those distributors that do not fall under the preferred distributor status category will only be able to order at DNP cost plus 20%. 
  6. Displays are sold at 20% discount. Display discounts are good on orders up to $10,000.00 DNP.  Any amount above that quantity will not qualify for the discount unless previously approved by Management.
  7. All new distributors purchasing displays will have a box of catalogs and 3 full binders with all auto cad drawings included at not charge. Please refer to price list for cost on additional binders.


Terms for approved credit distributors:


  1. SUBSEQUENT ORDERS: Net 30 with an established credit limit upon submittal and approval of all required credit references by our company.  
  2. All CUSTOM orders or all orders in excess of $10,000.00 will always require a 50% deposit for processing.
  3. Orders will be invoiced on date the product is finished and ready to be shipped regardless if the client is ready to receive it or not.
  4. Invoice date determines due date and effective date for warranty & terms initiation.
  5. Any new shipments will be suspended on accounts with past due invoices.
  6. Past due invoices are subject to an interest charge of 1.5% per month, 18% per annum and terms in future orders will be suspended.
  7. Accepted methods of payment for distributors are check or credit card.  If using a credit card there will be a 3% administrative fee.
  8. Any order ready to be shipped and held by customer not ready to receive it or balance due so it can’t be shipped, will incur in a storage fee of 1% of their total invoice per week of storage.
  9. All accounts will be subject to re-evaluation of credit terms if they do not adhere to above policy. 
  10. All prices are F.O.B. Dallas, TX. USA. - Please refer to freight policy. 
  11. This Price Sheet supersedes all previous Price Sheets.


Authorized Distributors:

  1. Distributors with displays will be recognized in our website https://solaracustomdoorsandlighting.com and will have all leads in their areas directed to them.
  2. We require reciprocity being listed and having a link to our website on the distributor’s website as well.
  3. Distributors will be given a user name and password by their territory representative for full access to our dealer section.
  4. Current price lists, catalogs, order forms, templates, and pdf files of all designs are available on our website at https://solaracustomdoorsandlighting.com 


Internet Dealer Agreement:

  1. All Distributors or Dealers with websites on the internet must sign our internet dealer agreement. We require reciprocity being listed and having a link to our website  https://solaracustomdoorsandlighting.com on the distributor’s website as well.
  2. Please contact our National Sales Manager or your Representative for a copy of this agreement before listing our products in your website.
  3. The prices listed on their website must be at minimum DNP times 1.9. Internet dealer who do not comply with this policy will be removed as dealer.


Change of Order:

  1. Purchase orders will be processed only when full information and required payments are provided. 
  2. Order confirmations in the form of a Solara sales order will be faxed to customer within 24 hrs. of receipt of a complete purchase order. 
  3. Any change to a confirmed in-house order over 48 hours will fall under standard restocking/cancellation policies. 
  4. Any change or addition to the confirmed order must be received in writing in the form of a new purchase order.

Packing and Handling Policy for Over Size or Custom products:

All Post orders, Chandeliers and Oversized Custom Fixtures that require special packing, crating, or handling will incur additional charges. Quote for crate is handled on an individual basis.

Freight Allowance Policy:

  1. All standard item orders over $5,000.00 will qualify for the full freight allowance if delivered directly to your warehouse. 
  2. Freight will be done via carrier of our choice, with a standard delivery time and delivery directly to distributor warehouse. 
  3. All drop shipments or expedited delivery requests will incur additional charges.
  4. Customer may choose to use their own freight company and in that case, freight will not be covered and Solara will only be able to provide final box dimensions and final weights once product is packed.
  5. All orders are invoiced in full when packed and ready to ship. Orders that are kept in our warehouse for more for more than 15 days past invoice date will incur storage charges. All accounts will be charged 1% of their total invoice per week of storage.
  6. All Post orders, Chandeliers and Oversized Custom Fixtures that require special packing, crating, or handling will incur additional freight charges. Quote for crate is handled on an individual basis




No returns will be accepted without prior authorization from the Factory using an RGA form


  1. All Solara Products are carefully packed and controlled for safe shipment. Since all of our products are shipped FOB Factory, Dallas, Texas, full title to the merchandise transfer to the customer at the time of shipment.
  2. 2.     When a damage box is received, make sure to state it in writing on the bill of lading. Customers should inspect shipments immediately and notify the carrier of any obvious or concealed damage. Hold package and contents in the condition in which they were received until inspection has been made and digital pictures have been taken to prove the reported damage. All claims for damage in transit must be filed with carrier within 48 hours of receipt of merchandise. Failure to notify the carrier may result in a claim being denied. It is your responsibility to file all claims for damage directly with the freight company.
  3. Solara Lighting Customer Service will assist customers in filling freight claims if the customer requests our assistance. The customer must ensure that recipient receives all necessary instructions regarding inspecting and filling a freight claim. We will do everything possible to assist you in your claim, but we can not be held responsible for loss, damage or breakage once goods are picked up by carrier and we are in possession of carrier’s receipt.
  4. Product, which contains glass, needs special attention and should be inspected immediately. In the event that broken glass is not noted on delivery, Solara Lighting will charge the customer for any replacement glass ordered, whether or not a freight claim has been filed.

Returned Merchandise - RGA:

All custom orders or Cast Bronze items are Non-Returnable. No returns on standard product are accepted after 15 days from invoice date. No merchandise may be returned without prior approval and receipt of Return Goods Authorization form (RGA). Please contact Solara’s Technical Support at 1-888 8 SOLARA (1-888-876-5272) ext 109 to initiate the RGA process.

RGA’s will only be issued for the following reasons:

  1. 1.     There is a factory defect covered by the Solara Warranty Policy (please refer to that section).
  2. 2.     Solara Lighting has shipped the wrong product in error.
  3. 3.     Customer requests that a damaged item be repaired and/or replaced by the factory.
  4. 4.     Customer requests rework for changes in its original order specs (color, power source, etc).
  5. 5.     A pre-approved return of a standard items within the 15 day period will incur a 30% restocking fee.
  6. 6.     Restocking fee will be applied 48 hrs. after order has been confirmed and processed in the case of a standard item. 
  7. 7.     No returns of standard products will be accepted after 15 days of invoice date.  
  8. 8.     Custom and cast bronze items are non-returnable.  


RGA’s will NOT be issued to cover merchandise damaged in transit. This is the carrier’s responsibility and requires that the customer file a freight claim directly with the carrier company. Any unauthorized merchandise or freight collect shipments returned without the RGA form will be refused at our receiving dock at customer’s expense, please review the freight claims statement in previous page.


Restocking Charges (Standard product ONLY):

  1. Since even our standard product requires some customization like color, glass or power source, a 30% restocking fee will apply if cancelling after 48 hrs. of order being confirmed. 
  2. Standard product is non-returnable after 15 days of being invoiced. Please refer to the above RGA process PRIOR to returning any product.
  3. Customer will be responsible for shipping charges and packaging in original boxes.
  4. Product will be inspected on arrival to our premises and must be in pristine conditions to avoid additional charges.



Drop Shipment, Expedite & Oversize Items Charges:

  1. Drop ships and expedited services will result in additional charges.
  2. All custom items or oversized items will have full freight charges.
  3. All freight charges will be reflected additionally in the invoice unless customers supply their own carrier at their own expense.


Matching Product:

  1. All Solara Products are hand made by skilled artisans.
  2. Products, which must match, must be ordered at the same time to avoid color changes from lot to lot.



            All prices, models and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.


Statement of Lighting Warranty


Materials and Technology Warranty. 

  1. Solara Lighting LLC products are made of the finest materials available and are manufactured under the most rigid specifications in the industry.
  2. Solara Lighting warrants its products against defects in manufacturing for a period of one (1) year from our date of invoice, and will promptly replace or repair any items found to be defective. Please contact your dealer or representative first, to report any problems of this type, as we need that information to honor any warranties.
  3. Replacement parts are available at no cost if the lantern is within warranty coverage period.
  4. The technical support personnel will be happy to help you, a plumber or service person to trouble shoot your lantern to discover what the real issue is and then solve it.
  5. The Technical support line is (214) 744-99004 ext. 109 or 1-888-8SOLARA.
  6. All replacement parts will carry a 90 days warranty from the invoice date of the replacement parts.
  7. Broken or Missing Glass will only be considered a warranty item if it is broken and/or missing in shipment and reported immediately upon arrival of the product.  Please see the “Ten Day Claim Limit” flyer sent with your lantern.


To access your warranty coverage please follows the steps below.

  1. Gather the following information with regard to your lanterns:  The Company that sold you the lantern(s), the date of installation, the types of lantern(s) i.e. Model name, model #, serial number. The serial number can be found inside the back plate of your lantern, where the gas valve is located.  The serial number is on the UL label itself. Your representative (sales person) can help you with this info. When possible, it may be best to let your sales rep. handle the warranty transaction.
  2. Contact Solara Lighting Technical Support or Customer Service at the numbers listed below with your information.
  3. The Quality Assurance or Technical Support team will determine your warranty status and discuss the options to resolve the issue.
  4. Only Solara Lighting has the authority to okay a return of goods (RGA), all returned items that do not have an authorized Returned Goods Authorization (RGA) from Solara Lighting, will be refused by Solara Lighting and returned to the customer at their expense.
  5. Warranty coverage does not cover routine maintenance of lanterns, if your problem is determined to be related to lack of maintenance or poor installation practices, your warranty will be voided. Please refer to our Maintenance Guide sent with your lantern with your Homeowner Kit or download it from our website at  https://solaracustomdoorsandlighting.com  


Special Limited Warranty on Finishes.

  1. Your lanterns require regular maintenance of the outside finish as well as the burner parts of the lantern. Your lanterns exterior should be rubbed down with a protective coating such as Murphy Oil, to aid in corrosion protection. We recommend cleaning and applying the Protective coating at least every 6-months. Failure to maintain the finish of the lantern can result in the voidance of your warranty. Please refer to your maintenance guide for details of cleaning and maintenance procedures.
  2. Solara lighting offers a two (2) year warranty on all of our standard finishes. 
  3. Solara Lighting also offers many models in Bronze and these lanterns carry a two-year warranty for finishes. Bronze lanterns will age naturally with time, revealing the beautiful aged patina of bronze.  Please note that all of our Cast Bronze pieces were created using the “lost wax” method. This essentially means that each lantern is an individually sculpted piece and some variations will occur. Solara Lighting reserves the right to examine any variance and decide if the item should be replaced or reworked
  4. All of our beautiful finishes are hand painted and as such are unique and sometimes variations will occur. Therefore, Solara Custom Doors and Lighting reserves the right to examine first any returns requested on that basis, before repairing or deciding to charge for the rework or replacement.


Standard Policy for service charges for removal, installation, shipping charges for warranty items.

  1. All service charge reimbursements must be approved by Solara upper management.
  2. The standard repair, removal or installation charge for any single lantern or fixture that Solara will cover is $100.00 for the first lantern and 40.00 for each additional lantern on that site. Example: 100.00 + (7 additional lanterns x 40) = $380.00 total.
  3. For cases where one damaged lantern is removed, and a new lantern is installed at the same time, the maximum charge Solara will cover is $150.00.
  4. We will cover shipping charges only under special circumstances and Solara management must approve this. 


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