Saxony Pedant Stem

Our Saxony Pedant Stem are clean hardy and impressive lights. It would be the few times in history were you were glad that these Saxons have arrive to light up your party.  Traditional Saxons of their time would of raided the place. With time and Custom, these firery berserkers guard and shine your key points for your Home palace like Byzantine Emperors did with their own personal bodyguards.

Our Saxony Pedant Stem are custom gas and electric lights are made from modern brass and/or strengthen gauge steel. Each cast fixture undergoes an electrostatic process to increase durability of the lantern and finish. Designs vary in mounting options, sizes, energy type (electric or gas lighting), heads, and ignition starters (manual or electronic ignition). All fixtures are UL approved for natural gas or propane gas, and indoor or outdoor use. If you wish, we are able to manufacture custom any cast brass iron lighting with simple changes to our existing standard fixtures or fully customized designs to fit your needs.

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Sizes: Small *, Medium, Large, X-Large



*Small is only available in electric

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Aged Copper

Antique Copper

Antique Bronze

Antique Gold

Copper Patina



Oil Rubbed Bronze


Glass Options:

Swarovski Crystal Glass

Seeded Glass

Opalescent Glass

Flemish Tempered

Flemish Glass

Clear Tempered

Clear Glass

Clear Frosted Tempered

Clear Frosted

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